What You Need To Know About Airsoft Guns

So, say you’ve decided you like airsoft, and you’d like to play more often. Now all you need is a gun. Some things you should consider.

Firstly consider how much you’re willing to spend on your first gun. Your body type/size is a huge deciding factor on the type of gun for you. Will you have an appropriate place for you to practice? Is there a local club you can join? Make sure your gun is upgradeable, works out cheaper if you decide to buy accessories.

Most people start off with a pistol, so take a look at how to set up and fire properly.

Make sure the battery is in or the gas is in the gun or clip if you need to. Load the BB’s into the clip, insert the clip into the grip.


If it’s spring or has a movable slide at all, you will probably need to rack that once. Make sure the safety is set to fire–either semi auto (usually the only option) or 3 round burst/fully automatic on some models. To fire it, standing, step forward with your non-dominant foot, and place your dominant foot behind you and turn sideways.


Lean back just slightly with your upper body (this is to eliminate recoil from real pistols, but it’s still the standard firing position.)

Raise the pistol with both arms full extended and line up sight towards your target. For the proper sighting position with a pistol, you are going to want to look down the barrel so that all three notches line up at the same height.