Playing Principles

The playing principle is similar to that of the paintball or Lasergames, but spheres with a diameter of 6 mm in diameter (BB) of plastic or a biodegradable material are used. There are short (quickgames) and longer games (operations). The goal may be to hold a flag by a game party or to conquer an object. Since hits can be seen badly, they can be detected by the victim himself by e.g. “Hit” to say. In the so-called sport shooting organized by the International Practical Shooting Confederation, it is a matter of course shooting. Another game mode is re-enactment.

Battle Display / Reenactment

A United States Navy SEAL’s Battle Display team from Germany
The term “Battle Display” refers to the exact reproduction of a real military unit.

It is the goal of individual players or entire teams to assemble and design their complete equipment according to a selected military model (eg a specific unit). The photographs and reports from which the equipment of the soldiers clearly stand out serve as a reference.

Players are often referred to as reenactors, although the term reenactment refers only to historical reenactment (see conceptual problems, overlapping with other interpretations). Reenactor is only available in Airsoft, since most players have little or no importance on the authenticity of their equipment. One reason for this is the much higher cost of original equipment.