Airsoft MilSim

Airsoft Milsim is a flexible, free combination of the two mutually independent topics of Airsoft and MilSim. It is a free definition created by the German Airsoft club Airsoft Operations to close the gap between MilSim, Battle Display and Non-Milsim, non-Battle-Display-Players in Airsoft. Airsoft MilSim describes, for example, Airsoft games or events where all stakeholders are represented and play or participate together.

MilSim, for example, adapts military procedures and procedures for the active air game. In the Airsoft MilSim, the Airsoft player has all the possibilities from the pure MilSim, Battle Display and pure Airsoft ala Fungame, Speedgame available. This combination allows all Airsoft players to operate Airsoft in a similar complexity to pure Milsim or Reenactment \ Battle Display, but without too much bound to real targets. The focus is on the cooperation in the Airsoft team, the correct procedure and behavior, but also the safety on the field. The aim of the Airsoft Milsim is to increase the enjoyment of the game, to set the mission to meet results and to unite the players / stakeholders from the camps (MilSim, Battle Display, Airsoft). The “fun at the game” is in the foreground, so the topic Airsoft has the higher, leading priority and therefore it is called “Airsoft MilSim”.

Speed and Fungames

With this game, fast and fun games are in the foreground. This is not a scenario, but simple tasks such as flag conquer or the opposing team turn off. This type of game is probably the most common in the German-speaking world, since the effort compared to MilSim is relatively low, both for the organizers and for the players. So you are not tied to a specific camouflage pattern or weapon, and you do not attach too much importance to additional equipment, as the games are quite short overall, and an event day usually consists of many rather short games. There is, of course, still a tactical approach as well as team play in the room, but the tactics are mostly limited to the current situation. Accordingly, the rules must also not be specially tailored. As comparable to the speedball in paintball. Fast, simple and fun games make a speedgame.