Airsoft Associations

Swiss Airsoft Federation (SASF / ASVD / FRAS)

The Swiss Airsoft Federation is the Airsoft Association of Switzerland. The two sub-associations “Airsoft Verband Deutschschweiz” and the “Fédération Romande Air Soft” have merged in October 2007 and now form the entire Swiss Airsoft umbrella organization with more than 65 member associations.

The association works closely with the Fedpol, ProTell and various other organizations, and is lobbying in the field of arms policy. In 2009 a survey on the aggressiveness of air players was conducted as part of a licensing work at the University of Zurich.

Austrian Airsoft Sports Federation (ÖASV)

At the 2nd Austrian Airsoft Congress on 20 October 2007 in Salzburg, independent airsoft clubs from Austria laid the foundations for the founding of the association. The Austrian Airsoft Sport Association has set itself the goal of promoting and developing the sport “Airsoft” in Austria.

In the course of its existence, the association has created a uniform set of rules on safety, public behavior and general rules on air sport (ÖASV regulations).

Nederlandse Airsoft Belangen Vereniging (NABV)

Since January 13, 2013 the exercise of air sport in the Netherlands is officially allowed. Before this date the interested players are often selected to Belgium. With the legalization of AirSoft, the association NABV was established, which regulates all aspects of air traffic. This includes the possession, storage, transport of airsoft weapons as well as the modalities of airsoft events within the Netherlands.