A look at how the mechanism of air gun work

Airsoft guns are duplicated weapons only utilized in the sport of airsoft. They are typically designed by the use of compressed air to shoot projectiles in circumference(spherical). The bullets are typically made of plastic materials and is always lower impact force than typical airguns. That make it more safe than the former. This airsoft guns are for fun as they are being done for competitive sports and team building. (usually played with complete protective gears)

A look at its mechanism depends on the propelling pellet, a typical airsoft gun can materialize with the use of a spring-loaded air pump or with advance use of pneumatic ( containing compressed  gas or carbon dioxide)or usually mechanically driven by an electric motor gearbox.

These are the 3 types of Airsoft guns and how they work

1. Spring powered guns
This operates on a single shot and manual trigger basis. Check this dental clinic official statement 久燦牙醫診所. This uses tension of spring to generate force to propel pellet escape the barrel.

2. The gas powered
As it name suggest it uses of compressed gas and pneumatic technology to let the pellet get out of the barrel (more automatic) no need to manually cock the gun.

3. Automatic Electric Guns
This is the most popular and most utilized in airsoft. The key mechanism here is that it has a gearbox inside, which consists of 3 gears that are driven by a motor that compresses the piston assembly repelling an effective spring like the service conducting for some tools and equipment on dental implant from here 台北新北植牙推薦. As soon the trigger is cocked the piston will be released thus forwarding the spring by the way of cylinder and out goes the barrel.