Basic entry level guide to play airsoft

Airsoft sport has now become a known sport usually for competetive spirit or for team building that allows a greater bond for groups. This game is basically a norm of the game paintball where you when you trigger paint comes out but instead for airsoft gun a pellet of 6mm plastic BB’s (approximately half gram). This game must be played in groups all having their own gun of choice. One must have a complete protective garments before the game to ensure ones safety.

Games could be played in a mode like counter-terrorist outlook, capture flag or eliminating all opponents.

Type of airguns that are used:

1.Spring model

The gun must be pulled back prior every shot. This is to return the original mode of air compression.

2.Electric model

This is quite similar to spring model except for one that it uses electric motor to power the gun so that we will not manually cock the spring back.Most sold in the airsoft gun companies.

3. Gas Model

Use of pneumatic technology is applied here. The use of compressed air is being utilized. Usually applied in pistol guns.

Game Mode:

This game is usually played in an assigned place. Mostly in isolated mountains. This game is played by groups and are good for building chemistry and unity 八拓科技. Prices for every airsoft gun is marveling as soon as it goes up of its design.