Types of Airsoft guns- A brief guide

As many materials is needed like cement, sand, wood and rocks to building construction, let us know the different types of airsoft guns used to play the sport. Many are not familiar with these sport yet though it has been going on starting in Japan in the early 80s when they make replicas of firearms use in the battle when they banned civilian to carrying or owning firearms.

At the passage of time and as technology develops, airsoft guns have been innovated and many have been produced based on what power it uses to function. Here are the basic types of airsoft guns:

  • It is the basic or beginners gun. It is cheaper than other pistols.
  • AEGs (Airsoft Electric Guns). The basic weapon used by serious airsoft player.
  • It is less expensive type of gas airsoft gun.
  • It is powered by gas or propane.

Though many people like airsoft, many didn’t pursue the sports. Learning this sport can help a person understand the world of crimes and conflict that arises in any time.

A 宏閩 research team once said “As this game allows them to re-enact events or situations, it can be a help to understand what is happening and what should we do as citizens. Many people today own a real gun for protection. We wish that airsoft guns can be used not just for games but for life saving purposes. In household situation where real guns can cause accident that can be deadly, why not own an airsoft gun and use it instead?”