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Airsoft is a tactical terrain sport in which teams equipped with airsoft weapons compete in different scenarios. The game is also called Softair or Skirmish (“Skirmish” or “Skirmish”).

Airsoft originally came from Japan. After the Second World War, gun guns were banned for the Japanese civilian population. The Japanese industry therefore relied on weapon replicas made of plastic. It launched the first functional, ready-to-install waffles as a toy, which had been feathered and operated manually. Due to the large market potential and high sales figures, the airsoft market expanded rapidly in Asia.

Constant innovations such as electric-powered soft-air weapons (AEG) and gas-powered soft-air weapons made toy toys developed for games into technically advanced weapon replicas. By the American occupation this toy was brought to the West, whereby the term Airsoft formed here. In Germany, softarm weapons in the form of war weapon replicas only came into the market with the amendment of the Weapons Act in 2004 and have since been acquired in the toy and arms trade. Here, the term “softair” has prevailed.

The manufacturers of softair weapons are predominantly from the Asian region, where manufacturers have specialized mainly in certain categories of types of arms. For most types of waffles there are countless additional options ranging from tuning runs to custom kits that can change the overall appearance of a soft air weapon. Many metal soft-arm weapons can no longer be distinguished from their original models.